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Including the College in your Will

It is quite straightforward to include a legacy to the College in your will. Any legacy to Sidney Sussex College ought to refer to the College by its official title, although it is perfectly acceptable simply to refer to "Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge" in your will. A suggested form of words is:

"I give to the Master, Fellows and Scholars of the College of the Lady Frances Sidney Sussex in the University of Cambridge (Registered Charity number 1137586) the residue/the sum of £ free of tax for the general purposes of the College. I declare that the receipt of the Bursar or other authorised officer for the time being of the College shall be a good and sufficient discharge to my Executors."

We would encourage you to continue the long tradition of leaving money for the "general purposes of the College", as this will allow us to adapt to changing needs in the future. However, if you prefer, you can indicate that you have an interest in certain areas of expenditure, such as Student Support, Research and Teaching or the overall Student Experience. These categories will remain relevant to the work of the College for the next 50, indeed the next 500 years, so that you can be safe in the knowledge that your gift will go on contributing to the things that you had intended for many years to come. Alternatively if you would like to discuss the direction of your gift in more detail please do not hesitate to contact us.