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Sidney Sussex Medical & Veterinary Society (SSMVS)

The Sidney Sussex Medical & Veterinary Society is comprised of students, alumni and Fellows of the college, honorary medical or veterinary Fellows, Fellows in related faculties, who supervise and mentor the Sidney medical and veterinary students, as well as former Fellows of the college who have made a significant contribution to the Sidney medical and veterinary community.

The objectives of the Sidney Medical and Veterinary Society are:-

  • To promote friendship and collaboration between medical and veterinary alumni of the college.
  • To promote communication between alumni and current students.
  • To celebrate the achievements of the Sidney Sussex medical and veterinary community, past and present.

SSMVS Triennial Dinner

 The SSMVS holds an annual dinner for its members. The Triennial Dinner is associated with a pre-dinner lecture and is a particularly popular occasion with the alumni. The 2014 Triennial Dinner of the SSMVS took place on 15th February.

42 alumni plus guests and 40 students joined medical and veterinary fellows for this event, which was organised by SSMVS co-presidents Helen Cumming and Catherine Peutherer. The dinner was preceded by a most informative talk by alumnus, and distinguished immunologist, Professor Herman Waldmann.

Professor Waldmann summarised his programme of work which led to the development of monoclonal antibody, Campath-1H (alemtuzumab or, more recently, Lemtrada). He outlined the clinical studies of its use as an immunosuppressant, including the exciting trials which demonstrated its efficacy in the relapsing/remitting form of multiple sclerosis.

At the conclusion of the dinner, Professor Tim Cox (Fellow) spoke warmly about the late Professor Sir Gabriel Horn, his work and his enormous contribution, not only to Sidney generally, but also particularly to the college medical and veterinary community. The Professor Sir Gabriel Horn Student Support Fund and the SSMVS Alumnus Network on LinkedIn were both launched at this event.

Gabriel Horn Fund

Professor Sir Gabriel Horn [1927-2012] MD, ScD, FRS, FRCP served as Master of Sidney Sussex College between 1992 and 1999. A former head of the Department of Zoology and Fellow of King's College between 1962-74 and 1978-92, he was awarded the Royal Society's Royal Medal in 2001 and in 2002 was knighted "for services to Neurobiology and to the Advancement of Scientific Research." Interviews with Professor Sir Gabriel Horn are available to view online here

A Student Support Fund is now being launched in his name, and the money raised will go to support the education of undergraduates at Sidney Sussex College, a cause that was very close to his heart. Donations to this fund can be made by e-mailing the Development and Membership Office or by telephoning (01223) 338881

SSMVS Alumni Network

The LinkedIn SSMVS Network was launched in February 2014 to promote awareness between SSMVS members of each others' activities and interests, to facilitate networking and promote the development of friendships between SSMVS members. Medics and vets who are also members of Sidney Sussex College are invited to connect by joining our new LinkedIn group; to join please click on the image below.