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Sidney Sussex Society - Terms of Reference

Sidney Sussex Society
  • Aims & Objectives of the Sidney Sussex Society:

To maintain and facilitate continued contact among the alumni and between the alumni and the College.
To liaise between the Alumni and the College, both to support the aims and objectives of the College among the Alumni and to represent the views of the Alumni to the College.
  • Activities of the Society:

Organisation of events, both internal and external at least twice each year, designed to attract the maximum number of members of the Society to participate.
Facilitation of events organised by particular groups of alumni.
  • Membership of the Society:

Automatic on matriculation with no membership fee.
Others may be invited to join by the Committee who will consider this on a regular basis.
  • The Sidney Sussex Society Committee:

Responsible for the affairs of the Society, assisted by the staff of the Development Office.
  • Membership of the Committee:

Alumni: Chosen to represent the broadest possible range of year groups, usually by proposal by existing members, with no formal limit on numbers or time of service.
Fellows: The Development Director and up to two others nominated by the Governing Body.
Current Students: Up to two representatives by invitation.
Secretary: Provided by the Development Office.
  • Officers of the Committee:

Chairman: Elected by the Committee annually, usually serving a five year term, but eligible for re-election.
Vice Chairman: Elected by the Committee annually.
Treasurer: Elected by the Committee annually.
Secretary: Provided by the Development Office.
  • Meetings of the Committee:

In College regularly, at least twice a year. Others arranged by the Chairman as necessary.
  • Attendance at the Committee meetings:

Failure to attend for three consecutive meetings of the Committee will trigger a letter from the Chairman and loss of committee membership unless there are valid reasons otherwise.
  • Finances of the Society:

The Committee is responsible for ensuring that the Society is financially self sufficient.
  • Performance:

Achievement of the aims & objectives should be assessed by the Committee on an annual basis.
To contact the Committee, please contact the Membership & Events Officer, Mrs Jacqueline Boyle (