Alumni societies are a fantastic way to stay in touch with College.

The Sidney Sussex Society arranges events for alumni of the College, all of whom are automatically members.

The Thornely Society honours the memory of John Thornely by supporting Law at Sidney, including arranging both academic and social events. It provides opportunities for Sidney alumni who read Law, or have since qualified as lawyers, to maintain and develop their links with each other and the College.

The Sidney Sussex Medical and Veterinary Society provides a network for medical and veterinary alumni to connect with each other, and also with current students.

Internationally, the Sidney Club of Geneva is a vibrant community of former and current Fellows as well as alumni.

The Sidney Sussex Society


All Sidney alumni are members of the Sidney Sussex Society, which organises regular events to enable members to meet up, including a popular Christmas drinks reception in London, as well as events in Cambridge and other parts of the UK.

The Society aims to help Sidney members keep in touch with the College, and to offer them opportunities to catch up with each other at its events. The Society is run by a committee, which is made up of both alumni and College Fellows.

To find out more about the Sidney Sussex Society, please contact the Development and Membership Office at


We are very grateful for the work of the Sidney Sussex Society Committee Members.

  • Mr Tony Willenbruch, Chairman
  • Ms Edwina Neal, Vice-Chairman
  • Mr Ian Stephen, Secretary
  • Mr Nick Allen, Treasurer
  • Mr Richard Chadwick
  • Mr David Coulson
  • Dr Heinz Fuchs
  • Mrs Rose George
  • Professor Lindsay Greer
  • Mr Richard Humphreys
  • Mr Bruce Kilpatrick
  • Mrs Sally Simmons
  • Mr Mike Styles

For more information or to contact the Committee, please contact


Other societies

The Thornely Society

Sidney has a long tradition of excellence in the teaching of Law which is inextricably linked with John Thornely.  John Thornely was the first lawyer to be elected a Fellow of Sidney when the College began to expand its teaching during the post-war period.  He was called to the Bar in 1947 and in 1948 began his teaching career in Cambridge as an assistant lecturer in Law. This began a long and distinguished career at Sidney, lasting for over 50 years.

The Thornely Society exists to honour the memory of John Thornely by supporting many aspects of Law at Sidney, including both academic and social events.  This provides an opportunity for Sidney alumni who read Law at Cambridge or have since qualified as lawyers to maintain and develop their links with each other and the College. The Society is currently chaired by Professor Kenneth Armstrong, who is a College Fellow and Professor in the Faculty of Law. The Thornely Society provides very significant support for Law in Sidney, including currently funding two Fellowships and student bursaries.


Sidney remains very grateful for the generosity of all Law alumni and their ongoing support. The success of the Thornely Society to date is in large part due to its Foundation Members who enabled the Society to reach its first significant fundraising goal - The John Thornely Fellowship in Law,  currently held by both Dr Fernando Bordin and Ms Hannah Saunders. Foundation Members are commemorated in a plaque located in the College Law Library.

All levels of support for the College and the study of Law at Sidney are appreciated.  All those who read Law at Sidney or have since entered the legal profession are Associate members of the Thornely Society.  Foundation Members of the Thornely Society are entitled to vote at the AGM. All donations to the Thornely Fund enable Sidney to offer an extraordinary range of financial support to its Law students – from bursaries and prizes through to travel awards and support for further professional work. The College is hopeful that the Thornely Society will continue to develop not only as a generous financial support for Law at Sidney but, as Professor Sir Alan Dashwood QC commented at the 2011 Thornely Dinner, also as a collegial association which can provide its members with networking and mentoring opportunities.

Suggestions for speakers, venues and ideas about possible society events are all welcome. Please contact the Development and Membership Office

Supporting Thornely and Law at Sidney

All donations to the Thornely Fund enable Sidney to offer an extraordinary range of financial support to Law in the College – from fellowships, bursaries, and prizes, through to travel awards and support for further professional work. The Master and Fellows are very grateful to all those who have contributed to the Thornely Fund, and to other aspects of Law teaching at Sidney, for all that they have done to strengthen and promote Law at Sidney.

John Thornely Fellowship Fund

Thanks in great part to the Founding Members of the Thornely Society, in 2007, the Thornely Society reached its first goal - to fully fund a Thornely Fellowship in Law at Sidney Sussex. Dr Jillaine Seymour was the first holder of the Thornely Fellowship; Dr Bordin and Ms Saunders are the current holders of Thornely Fellowships.

John Thornely Fund

The  John Thornely General Fund supports Law in a number of ways, including providing bursaries, prizes, travel awards, funding for moots and other student activities. 

The Medical and Veterinary Society

All Medical and Veterinary alumni of Sidney are automatically members of the Sidney Sussex Medical and Veterinary Society (SSMVS) which aims to promote friendship and collaboration between medical and veterinary alumni of the College, to promote communication between alumni and current students and to celebrate the achievements of the Sidney Sussex medical and veterinary community, past and present.

The SSMVS Triennial Dinner and Lecture is a particularly popular occasion.

For more information, please visit the SSMVS page.

Sidney Club of Geneva

The Sidney Club of Geneva consists of Sidney alumni, former and current Fellows and friends of the College with representatives in France, Germany and the UK. It prides itself in offering a well-balanced range of social and educational/intellectual activities. The Club collaborates with the Oxford and Cambridge Dining Club of Geneva and with a similar club in Zurich.

Any current or past members of the College who would like to join the Club, register for an event or find out more about are encouraged to contact the President, Ajit Bhalla, or the Treasurer, Stephen Blockley.

University of Cambridge societies

There are over 400 societies for University of Cambridge alumni across the globe. Visit the University of Cambridge website to find out more.