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Personal Biography

Professor Bill Jones graduated from the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth in 1971. He obtained his PhD in 1974 under the supervision of Professor Sir John Meurig Thomas and Professor John O Williams. His thesis dealt with the role of imperfections in organic crystals in solid state reactivity. He spent one year in the Weizmann Institute, Israel, as the Jacob London Fellow working with Professor Mendel Cohen. He returned to Aberystwyth in 1976 as a Staff Demonstrator and in 1978 moved to Cambridge. He is now Professor of Materials Chemistry and from 2007 to 2011 was Head of the Department of Chemistry. He was elected a Fellow of Sidney Sussex College in 1980. For Sidney Sussex he was Admissions Tutor and then Senior Tutor. He is currently a Professorial Fellow at Sidney.

Professor Jones’s research has dealt with two main areas of solid state chemistry. The first concerns our understanding of the chemistry of layered inorganic solids and in particular their role as catalysts. In this area he has published extensively on cationic and anionic clays and holds over 20 patents in the area of environmentally friendly catalytic chemistry. The second area of research is in organic solid state chemistry and crystal engineering. In recent times this has developed into an interest in the development of solid pharmaceutical materials with a focus on solid form development for drug delivery. He was previously co-Director of the Pfizer Institute of Pharmaceutical Materials Science, an institute in Cambridge supported by Pfizer.

Professor Jones has published over 400 peer reviewed articles dealing with solid state chemistry and has edited two volumes on solid state chemistry. The first (Organic Molecular Crystals) was published by CRC press in 1997 and re-published in their electronic series in 2000. The second volume is co-edited with Professor CNR Rao on “Supramolecular Chemistry” was published in 2002 and re-published in paperback form in 2008.

Selected Publications

Recent publciations:

430     Crystalline adducts of the Lawsone molecule (2-hydroxy-1,4-nahthaquinone):     optical properties and computational modelling

            CrystEngComm, 17, 7684-7692 (2015)


429     Cocrystal Formation through Mechanochemistry: from Neat and Liquid-Assisted             Grinding to Polymer-Assisted Grinding

            Angew. Chemie, 54,7371-7375 (2015)

            (D. Hasa, G. S. Rauber, D. Voinovich and W. Jones)  


428     Highly Unusual Triangular Crystals of Theophylline: The Influence of Solvent on           the Growth Rates of Polar Crystal Faces

            Crystal Growth & Design, 2514-2523 (2015)

            M. D. Eddleston, K. E. Hejczk, A. M. C. Cassidy, H. P. G. Thompson, G. M.             Day and W. Jones


427     Highlights from Faraday discussion 170: Challenges and opportunities of             modern mechanochemistry, Montreal, Canada, 2014

            Chem. Commun., 6248-6256 (2015)

            (T. Frsicic, S. L. James, E. V. Boldyreva, C. Bolm, W. Jones, J. Mack, J. W.             Steed and K. S. Suslick)


426     Sonocrystallization yields monoclinic paracetamol with significantly improved compaction behavior

            Angew. Chemie, 54, 249-253 (2015)

            (D-K. Bucar, J. A. Elliott, M. D. Eddleston, J. K. Cockcroft and W. Jones)




425     Solid-state photoreactivity of 9-substituted acridzinium bromide salts.

            CrystEngComm, 16, 10830-10836

            (S. A. Stratford, M. Arhangelskis, D-K. Bucar, and W. Jones)


424     Introductory Lecture: Mechanochemistry, a versatile synthesis strategy for new materials

            Faraday Discuss., DOI: 10.1039/c4fd00162a (2014)

            (W. Jones and M. D. Eddleston)


423     Cocrystal Dissociation in the Presence of Water: A General Approach for Identifying Stable Cocrystal Forms

            J. Pharm Sci., DOI 10.1002/jps.24003 (2014)

            (M. D. Eddleston, N. Madusanka and W. Jones)



422     An Investigation of the Causes of Cocrystal Dissociation at High Humidity

            J. Pharm Sci., DOI 10.1002/jps.23865 (2014)

            (M. D. Eddleston, R Thakuria, B. J. Aldous and W. Jones)




421     Polymorphs, hydrates and solvates of a co-crystal of caffeine with anthranilic acid.

            CrystEngComm, B70, 72-80 (2013)

            (N. Madusanka, M. D. Eddleston, M. Arhangelskis and W. Jones)


420     The curious case of (caffeine).(benzoic acid): how heteronuclear seeding allowed the formation of an elusive cocrystal.

            Chem.Sci., 4, 4417-4425 (2013)

            (D-K Bučar, G. M. Day, I Halasz, G. G Z. Zhang, J. R. G. Sander, D. G. Reid, L. R. MacGillivray, M. J. Duer and W. Jones)



419     Real-Time in Situ Powder X-ray Diffraction Monitoring ofMechanochemical Synthesis of Pharmaceutical Cocrystals.

            Angew Chem Int. Ed., 52, 11538-11541 (2013)

            (I. Halasz, A. Puškarić, S. A. J. Kimber, P. J. Beldon, A. M. Belenguer, F.Adams, V. Honkimäki, R. E. Dinebier, B. Patel, W. Jones, V. Štrukil and T.Friščić)


418     Cocrystallization by Freeze-Drying: Preparation of Novel Multicomponent Crystal Forms.

            Cryst. Growth & Design, 13, 4599-4606 (2013).

            (M. D. Eddleston, B. Patel, G. M. Day and W. Jones)



417     Advantages of mechanochemical cocrystallisation in the solid-state chemistry of pigments: colour-tuned fluorescein cocrystals.

            CrystEngComm., 15, 6289-6291 (2013)

            (D-K Bučar, S. Filip, M. Arhangelskis, G. O. Lloyd and W. Jones)


416     Use of In Situ Atomic Force Microscopy to Follow Phase Changes at Crystal Surfaces in Real Time.

            Angew Chem Int. Ed., 52, 1-5 (2013)

            (R. Thakuria, M. D. Eddleston, E. H. H. Chow, G. O. Lloyd, B. J. Aldous, J. F. Kryzaniak, A. D. Bond and W. Jones)


415     Ultrasound-Assisted Construction of Halogen-Bonded Nanosized Cocrystals that Exhibit Termosensitive Luminescence.

            Chemistry, 19, 8213-8219 (2013)

(D. Yan, D-K. Bučar, A. Delori, B. Patel, G. O. Lloyd, W. Jones and X. Duan)


414     Polymorph Identification and Crystal Structure Determination by a Combined Crystal Structure Prediction and Transmission Electron Microscopy Approach.

            Chemistry, 19, 7874-7882 (2013)

            (M. D. Eddleston, K. E. Hejczyk, E. G. Bithell, G. M. Day and W. Jones)


413     Determination of the Crystal Structure of a New Polymorph of Theophylline

            Chemistry, 19, 7883-7888 (2013)

            (M. D. Eddleston, K. E. Hejczyk, E. G. Bithell, G. M. Day and W. Jones)


412     On the polymorphism of Griseofulvin: Identification of Two Additional Polymorphs.

            J. Pharm Sci., 102, 462-468 (2013)

            (A. Mahieu, F-F Willart, E Dudognon, M. D. Eddleston, W Jones, F Danède and M. Descamps)


411     Organic microbelt array based on hydrogen-bond architecture showing polarized fluorescence and two-photon emission.

            Journal of Materials Chemistry C., 1, 4138-4145 (2013)

            (D. Yan, W. Jones, G. Fan, M. Wei, and DG Evans)


410     Knowledge-based hydrogen bond prediction and the synthesis of salts and cocrystals of the anit-malarial drug pyrimethamine with various drug and GRAS molecules.

            CrystEngComm., 15, 2916-2928 (2013)

            (Amit Delori, Peter T A Galek, Elna Pidcock, Mohit Patni and W Jones)


409     Pharmaceutical cocrystals and poorly soluble drugs.

            Int. J. Pharm 453, 101-125 (2013)

            (R Thakuria, A Delori, W Jones, MP Lipert, L Roy, N Rodríguez-Hornedo)


408     Isostructurality in three-component crystals achieved by the combination of persistent hydrogen bonding motifs and solvent inclusion

            CrystEngComm., 15, 1332-1338 (2013)

(J. Galcera, T. Friščić, E. Molins and W. Jones)


407     Pharmaceutics, Drug Delivery and Pharmaceutical Technology On the Polymorphism of Griseofulvin: Identification of Two Additional Polymorphs.

Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 102, 462 - 468 (2013)

(Aurelien Mahieu,Jean-Francois Willart,Emeline Dudognon,

Mark D. Eddleston,William Jones,Florence Dane`De,Marc Descamps)

406     Screening for polymorphs of cocrystals: A case study

CrystEngComm (2013) 15, 175 - 181 (2013)

(MD Eddleston, S Sivachelvam, W Jones)


405     Cocrystals of 5-fluorouracil

CrystEng Comm 15, 73 - 77 (2013)

(Amit Delori, Mark D Eddleston and William Jones)


404     The Formation of Hydrogen-Bond Facilitiated Salts with Tunable Optical Properties: An Experimental and Theroetical Study of 2,4,5-Triphenylimidazole Cryst. Growth & Design, 13, 333-340 (2013).

            (D. Yan. B. Patel, A. Delori, W. Jones and X Duan)


403     Isostructural organic binary-host frameworks with tuneable and diversely decorated inclusion cavities

CrystEngComm, 14, (2013)

(J. Galcera, T. Friščić, K.E. Hejczyk, L Fabian, S.M. Clarke, G.M. Day, E. Molins and W. Jones)




402     Tuning Fluorescent Molecules by Inclusino in a Metal-Organic Framework: An Experimental and Computational Study

            ChemPlusChem., 77, 1112-1118 (2012)

(D. Yan, G. O. Lloyd, A. Delori, W. Jones and X Duan)


401     Solid state grinding as a tool to aid enantiomeric resolution by cocrystallisation

  1. , Advance Article (2012)

(M.D. Eddleston, M. Arhangelskis, T. Friščić and W. Jones)


400     Quantifying Homo- and heteromolecular Hydrogen Bonds as a Guide for Adduct Formation

Chemistry – A European Journal, 18, 6835-6846 (2012)

(A. Delori, P.T.A. Galek, E. Pidcock and W. Jones)