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Dr Stasch

Dr Rupert Stasch

Fellow in HSPS (Sociology and Politics)

Director of Studies in Human, Social and Political Sciences

College Room: S4

Dept. Tel: +44 1223 3 34595


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Selected Publications


2009. Society of Others: Kinship and Mourning in a West Papuan Place. University of California Press.

Edited Volumes

2015. Primitivist Tourism. Ethnos 80(4). Editor’s introduction: “Double Signs and Intrasocietal Heterogeneity in Primitivist Tourism Encounters.”

2014. Rituals and Annals: Between Anthropology and History , by Valerio Valeri. Hau: Journal of Ethnographic Theory, Classics Series, Volume 2. “Editor’s Introduction.”

2012. [co-edited with Alan Rumsey] Interlingual Articulations in Asia and the Pacific: Figuring Sociocultural Otherness through Otherness of Linguistic Codes. Afterword: “On Relationality of Codes and the Indexical Iconicity of Linguistic Otherness within Wider Value Formations.”


2015. How an Egalitarian Polity Structures Tourism and Restructures Itself around It. Ethnos 80(4).

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2014. Primitivist Tourism and Romantic Individualism: On the Values in Exotic Stereotypy about Cultural Others. Anthropological Theory 14(3):191-214.

2013. The Poetics of Village Space When Villages are New: Settlement Form as History-Making in West Papua. American Ethnologist 40(3): 555-570.

2011. Ritual and Oratory Revisited: The Semiotics of Effective Action. Annual Review of Anthropology 40:159-174.

2011. Korowai Treehouses and the Everyday Representation of Time, Belonging, and Death. The Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology 12(3): 327-347.

2011. Textual Iconicity and the Primitivist Cosmos: Chronotopes of Desire in Travel Writing about Korowai of West Papua. Journal of Linguistic Anthropology 21(1):1-21.

2011. Word Avoidance as a Relation-Making Act: A Paradigm for Analysis of Name Utterance Taboos. Anthropological Quarterly 84(1):101-120.

2011. The Camera and the House: The Semiotics of New Guinea “Treehouses” in Global Visual Culture. Comparative Studies in Society and History 53(1):75-112.

2010. The Category ‘Village’ in Melanesian Social Worlds: Some Theoretical and Methodological Possibilities. Paideuma, Mitteilungen zur Kulturkunde 56:41-62.

2008. Knowing Minds is a Matter of Authority: Political Dimensions of Opacity Statements in Korowai Moral Psychology. Anthropological Quarterly 81(2): 443-453.

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1996. Killing as Reproductive Agency: Dugong, Pigs, and Humanity among the Kiwai, circa 1900. Anthropos 91: 359-379.

Book Chapters

2015. From Primitive Other to Papuan Self: Korowai Engagement with Ideologies of Unequal Human Worth in Encounters with Tourists, State Officials, and Education. In From ‘Stone-Age’ to ‘Real-Time': Exploring Papuan Temporalities, Mobilities, and Religiosities, ed. Martin Slama and Jenny Munro, pp. 59-94. Canberra: ANU Press.

2014. Afterword: Strangerhood, Pragmatics, and Place in the Dialectics of Monster and Norm. In Monster Anthropology in Australasia and Beyond, ed. Yasmine Musharbash and Geir Presterudstuen, pp. 195-214. Palgrave Macmillan.

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