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Dr Sliwa

Dr Paulina A Sliwa

Fellow in Philosophy

College Room: JL19

College Tel: +44 1223 3 38813


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Personal Biography

My research is on moral knowledge: how we get it, whether and how it motivates us to act, how important it is to being good, and what role it plays in praise and blame. I'm particularly interested in whether and how we can acquire moral knowledge from other people.

Besides Ethics, I also have interests in Epistemology, Moral Psychology, Philosophy of Mind, and Philosophy of Science. 

Prior to joining Sidney, I was a graduate student at the philosophy department at MIT (in the other Cambridge). My dissertation was on moral testimony; I completed it in July 2012. And before that I read Physics and Philosophy at Balliol College in Oxford. 

I supervise IA Metaphysics, IA Ethics, IB Metaphysics & Epistemology, IB Ethics, IB Philosophy of Science, II Ethics, II Philosophy of Mind, and II Philosophy of Science.