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Professor Biagini

Professor Eugenio Biagini

Fellow in History

College Room: JL16

College Tel: +44 1223 7 65212


Personal Biography


Eugenio Biagini is an alumnus of the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa. He first came up to Sidney in 1985-6 as a Visiting Scholar, before becoming a JRF at Churchill College in 1987. After spending two years at the Department of History of the Newcastle upon Tyne, he became an Assistant Professor of Modern British History at Princeton. He came back to Cambridge as a CTO at Robinson College in 1996, becoming a University Lecturer in 1998, a Reader in 2000 and a Professor in 2011. He has been back to Sidney since 2008. He has written on Gladstonian liberalism, the Italian Risorgimento and anti-fascism in the 1940s. His current research interests include various aspects of Irish and British history since the 1910s, with particular reference to democracy, civil rights and religious minorities.

Selected Publications

(Edited with A.J.Reid), Currents of Radicalism. Popular Radicalism, Organized Labour and Party Politics in Britain, 1850-1914, Cambridge, 1991; Editor) Citizenship and Community. Liberals, Radicals and Collective Identities in the British Isles 1865-1931, Cambridge and New York, Cambridge University Press, 1996; Liberty, Retrenchment and Reform: Popular Liberalism in the Age of Gladstone, 1860-1880, Cambridge, 1992; British democracy and Irish nationalism, 1876-1906, Cambridge, 2007; (edited with C.A.Bayly), Giuseppe Mazzini and the Globalization of democratic nationalism 1830-1920, Oxford, Oxford University Press (Proceedings of the British Academy, 152, 2008; ‘Keynesian ideas and the recasting of Italian democracy, 1945-53’, in E.Green and D.Tanner (eds.), The strange life of liberal England (Cambridge, 2007), pp.212-246; ‘Liberalism y religión en el siglo XIX en Europa’, in J.M.Delgado Idarreta and J.L.Ollero Valles (eds.), El liberalismo europeo en la época de Sagasta (Madrid, 2009), pp.87-100; 'Risorgimento e protestanti', in S.Maghenzani e G.Platone (a cura di), Riforma, Risorgimento e Risveglio (Torino, 2011), pp.77-96; ‘Citizenship and religion in the Italian constitutions, 1796-1849’, History of European Ideas, 2010; ‘Abraham Lincoln in Germany and Italy, 1859-1865’, in R.Carwardine and J.Sexton (eds.), The Global Lincoln (Oxford, 2011), pp.76-94; ‘The politics of Italianism: Reynolds’s Newspaper, the Indian Mutiny and the Radical Critique of Liberal imperialism  in Mid-Victorian Britain’, T.Crook, R.Gill and B.Taithe (eds.), Evil, Barbarism and Empire. Britain and Abroad c. 1830-2000 (London, 2011), pp.99-125