Tutorial Office

Mr Beber

Mr Max Beber

Senior Tutor
Email: senior.tutor@sid.cam.ac.uk
College Room: B03
College Tel: +44 1223 3 38870
Email: max.beber@sid.cam.ac.uk
Web: Department,

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Mrs Claire Girdlestone

Tutorial Assistant
Email: tutorial@sid.cam.ac.uk
College Room: B01A
College Tel: +44 1223 3 38844
Dept. Tel: +44 1223 3 33884
Email: tutorial@sid.cam.ac.uk
Web: Department, Moodle

Mr Graves

Mr David Graves

Tutorial and Student Finance Manager
Email: student.finance@sid.cam.ac.uk
College Room: B01A
College Tel: +44 1223 7 60972
Email: dlg23@cam.ac.uk
The Rev'd Dr Gray

The Rev'd Dr Brett Gray

Email: chaplain@sid.cam.ac.uk
Pastoral Tutor
Email: pastoral.tutor@sid.cam.ac.uk
Director of Studies in Theology
College Room: Y01
College Tel: +44 1223 3 38837
Email: bcg24@cam.ac.uk
Web: Department
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Miss Rachel Haworth

Music Administrator
College Room: B1
College Tel: +44 1223 7 61676
Email: rjh223@cam.ac.uk
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Lucy Hodgkiss

Pastoral Adviser
College Room: P11
College Tel: +44 1223 3 38871
Email: leh58@cam.ac.uk
Dr Noriega-Sanchez

Dr Maria Noriega-Sanchez

Undergraduate Tutor
Director of Studies in Modern and Medieval Languages
College Room: C04
College Tel: +44 1223 3 39522
Dept. Tel: +44 1223 7 60804
Email: mn316@cam.ac.uk
Web: Department
Dr Roberts

Dr Colin A Roberts

Secretary to the Research Fellowship Competition
Email: research.fellowships@sid.cam.ac.uk
Undergraduate Tutor
Director of Studies in Veterinary Medicine
College Room: H13b
College Tel: +44 1223 7 68018
Email: car43@cam.ac.uk
Dr Skinner

Dr David G Skinner

Osborn Director of Music
Email: director.music@sid.cam.ac.uk
Email: praelector@sid.cam.ac.uk
Director of Studies in Music
College Room: D02
College Tel: +44 1223 7 61563
Email: dgs38@cam.ac.uk
Web: Department, Chapel Choir

Mrs Summerlin

Mrs Celia Summerlin

Tutorial Assistant
Email: tutorial@sid.cam.ac.uk
Chapel Secretary
College Room: B01A
College Tel: +44 1223 3 38847
Email: tutorial@sid.cam.ac.uk
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Mrs Jenny W Taylor

Email: nurse@sid.cam.ac.uk
College Room: P07
College Tel: +44 1223 3 38826
Email: jwt35@cam.ac.uk
Dr Wilson-Lee

Dr Edward Wilson-Lee

Undergraduate Tutor
Director of Studies in English
College Room: Y08
College Tel: +44 1223 3 38045
Email: ew303@cam.ac.uk
Web: Department, Personal Website