Financial Times correspondent Andrew Clark reports on his trip to Sidney to see the beginnings of Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir project. You can read his piece on the Financial Times website.

The whole idea seems simple; using a computer or mobile phone each singer watches a video of Whitacre conducting the piece, whilst listening to their part through earphones. The computer or phone records the performance, which is then uploaded onto Whitacre's website. The different videos will then be mixed together by Whitacre following the same method that has seen his Lux Aurumque video attract over 1 million views online.

A few weekends ago Sidney choir were put through their paces, taking it in turns to record themselves singing the composer's piece Sleep. In his article Clark focuses on Sidney soprano Catherine Shaw, a first year economist in the College (pictured right).

Whitacre hopes that 900 singers from all over the world will upload videos of themselves singing his piece Sleep before the 31st of December. It's not too late for you to join in! Visit Eric Whitacre's website for more details. You can watch a video of Sidney choir singing Sleep by following this link to the choir's YouTube page.

This is an archived news story, first posted in 2010.

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