Sidney enjoyed fantastic results at this year’s Lent Bumps. Each of the three Sidney crews participating – W1, M1, and W2 – rose in the Lent Bumps rankings, with W2 receiving blades for their astonishing five bumps in four days.

Tor Svenungsson, SSBC's Publicity Officer, has written a fantastic round-up of all the action on the SSBC website

Tor noted, "The last day of Lent Bumps 2020 was for Sidney the best ending of a campaign possible. All three crews bumped in their final races; all crews had reason to celebrate: all crews had risen in the Lent Bumps rankings.

M1, with two row-overs and two bumps, had climbed from 10th to 8th position in the M2 division. W1, who rowed over on the first day and bumped on three consecutive days thereafter, rose from 6th to 3rd in their division, W2. And, incredibly, W2 brought back a staggering FIVE bumps, taking them from division W4 into 14th place in division W3. That, ladies and gentlemen, means not only blades but SUPER BLADES!

An amazing campaign, spearheaded by three colourful crews, three talented coxes, 24 powerful rowers, supported by an experienced band of coaches, a passionate constellation of bank parties, and the cheers from so many more who have been following the event, landed Sidney Sussex Boat Club with a total net result of (maybe you have already crunched the numbers?) +10!

Nothing short of a tremendous result and achievement – terrific enough to win us the Marconi Cup."

Tor has done a fantastic job keeping us up-to-date with Sidney's rowing adventures, and we look forward to Heather Rowland,SSBC’s newly-elected Publicity Officer, bringing us more good news from the May Bumps!

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