Student wellbeing is a priority here at Sidney and Sidney's Pastoral Advisor, Lucy Hodgkiss, has been working hard to ensure there is a variety of welfare support available for students. In this feature, we run through the variety of initiatives that Lucy has been working on to provide support to students during the busy Easter term.

Art therapy

Lucy runs a weekly Art Therapy group throughout the year to provide students with a playful and creative space to reflect. Lucy commented, "Art Making in a supportive environment can help you focus on thoughts and feelings that may otherwise be difficult to express".

Chocolate-making workshops

Stephen Mather, our Head Chef, continues to facilitate chocolate-making workshops for students! Lucy notes, "Focusing on an absorbing and mindful activity like cooking is brilliant for our wellbeing and hopefully helps to remind students that it is okay to relax and have fun, even in Easter term!”

Alternative study spaces and local Cambridge attractions

This year Lucy has continued recommending alternative study spaces and local Cambridge attractions that she feels are well worth a visit. It is important that students find their own way of studying. This is different for every person.

Take time to investigate what sort of environment works for you, whether it’s a silent library, group study space, outside in a garden or a café. A few of the places recommended so far include the Judge Business School, Abantu, and The Grad Café.

Mental Health Forum

This term for the first time, as joint venture between SSCSU and the pastoral team, Lucy and the SSCSU disability rep Sam Watling are planning and facilitating our first Mental Health Forum. The aim of which is to provide a safe space where students can discuss their concerns around mental health.

Lucy notes, “The specific nature of the forum will be decided collaboratively whether it be a place for psycho-education, talks and workshops, personal reflections and/or peer support.” 

Sidney Tutorial on Facebook

Most of these initiatives and events have been promoted to students by email, but another great way to keep track of all these exciting initiatives is to follow the Sidney Tutorial Facebook page.

Future plans

Lucy welcomes any ideas or suggestions that students might have about mental health and wellbeing here at Sidney. If you would like to discuss any ideas with Lucy, please get in touch with her via email,

Alongside these events and initiatives, any member of the Pastoral Team is always here to offer one-to-one support to students. Students can self-refer to the University Counselling Service but also to Lucy, a qualified Art Psychotherapist, who can provide one-to-one therapy to students should they be interested in longer term therapy.

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