Sidney Sussex Boat Club are celebrating one of the most successful overall May Bumps campaigns in recent memory, moving up in the charts an aggregate 8 positions amongst M1, W1, M2, and W2 crews.

SSBC tied for second in the Pegasus Cup, which is awarded to the most successful club in Mays. It is the highest Sidney has ranked since the Cup’s founding. Moreover, SSBC finished an impressive third in the Michell Cup that is awarded to the club with the highest record across the academic year.

Over 13-16 June, W1 christened their newly dedicated VIII, ‘Kate Spence,’ with three bumps, including a rapid chase against Robinson W1 that lasted under a minute.

M1 bumped up twice on the first two days, including an adrenaline-filled bump on Downing II a mere few meters before the finish line, and rowed over twice behind a strong Caius II, managing to deny a chasing Pembroke II Blades on the final evening.

W2 rowed over the first and last days, but secured two bumps against Magdalene II and Lady Margaret III despite a few dramatic crabs—a testament to their coolness under pressure and determination!

M2 unfortunately suffered a technical bump from the chasing Eddie’s crew due to a pileup a few boats ahead. Saddened but resilient, the crew recommitted and finished off the races with a bump against Catz III and a triumphant revenge bump on Eddie’s on Saturday.

To have all four crews finish May Bumps with a positive record is truly remarkable—an achievement that was rightly fêted at the Club’s termly Boat Club Dinner the evening of the final race. Let’s go Sidney, onward and upward!

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