If you're coming to Sidney over the next few weeks to be interviewed as part of our holistic admissions process, please check this feature for some useful guidance and advice.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you to Sidney for your admissions interviews over the next few weeks. You may be feeling a little bit worried about what lies ahead – that’s perfectly natural. Sidney’s Admissions Director, Dr Catherine Sumnall, recorded a webinar on ‘Preparing for your interview’, hosted on the Oxford and Cambridge Outreach website:

Hopefully this will help you feel more comfortable and guide you on how to prepare. Other useful information can be found on the University’s Undergraduate Study webpage, and on the webpages of your Faculty or Department.

If you require help at any point throughout the day, please just pop into the Porters' Lodge and chat to a duty porter, or head over to the waiting room (JCR TV room) where there will be current students on hand to help.

Some helpful advice from current students

A couple of current Sidney undergraduates in their first year discuss how they've found settling into Sidney and Cambridge, and offer some advice for the interviews.

How have you found your first term at Sidney and Cambridge?

Eleanor: My first term at Sidney has been crazy but wonderful - I’ve met so many amazing people and been to so many cool events in such a short space of time! It’s been jam packed - there’s always exciting things going on in Cambridge (and only 24 hours in a day unfortunately) but I’ve loved it and definitely feel like I can call Sidney my home.

What has been the highlight of your time at Cambridge so far?

Emma: I've really enjoyed getting to know people through learning to row with the College Boat Club, going to socials and volunteering with CUSAGC (Cambridge University Scout and Guide Club), editing for InsideUni (an interview database website you should check out!), and playing folk music with ceilidh band. 

If you could offer some advice to anyone visiting Cambridge for an interview in December, what would it be?

Eleanor: My advice would be to relax - the interviewers are really nice and aren’t trying to trip you up so it might not be as scary as you expect - and you’ll be able to think more clearly if you take some time to breathe and chill beforehand. Don't worry if you feel yourself struggling with a question because interviews are meant to be challenging. If you think it’s gone badly afterwards, it doesn’t meant that you’ve actually done badly.

Emma: My advice would be to try to relax and be confident. The waiting room (JCR TV room) is really nice and comfy, it's got lots of sofas, and I remember really feeling at home sitting there. Don't be afraid to start up a conversation with the person next to you, and I'll be there this year so you can always chat to me! That being said, it's totally up to you, so if you know that will just make you more nervous it's perfectly okay to have a walk before going to the JCR, stick your nose in a book in the corner, or listen to your favourite music!

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