Two Sidney Fellows have taken part in an exciting research project that used advanced image processing and computer vision techniques to compare 17th century David Loggan line drawings of Cambridge Colleges, with present-day images captured using a drone.

Dr Michael Ramage and Dr Chris Doran were part of a small research team that, using Cambridge colleges as examples, overlayed the drone image and the line drawing to highlight interesting differences and similarities. This leads to interesting questions in the field of history-of-architecture and paves the way for more complete structural and architectural analysis of such historical buildings.

They have also shown that the automatic inclusion of lines (as well as points) in the extraction of 3D data from drone footage, can improve camera localisation and lead to reconstructions of higher accuracy.

You can read the related article, and find the full report, on the Centre for Digital Built Britain website.

See Sidney's overlaying Loggan sketch and drone photograph, and see how many differences and similarities you can spot!

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