The Cambridge Festival will take place from 31 March – 10 April this year. Take a look at some Sidney highlights.

Dr Maura Malpetti, College Research Associate at Sidney, will be speaking at the ‘Brain inflammation in dementia and depression’ event on Friday 1 April at 3.00pm.  Maura will join three other speakers from the University to discuss the role of inflammation of the brain – known as neuroinflammation – in diseases like dementia and depression, how it contributes to disease progression and how our ever-growing knowledge on the inflammatory process can lead to potential treatments.

Maura is also part of the organising committee for the session, ‘Memory Matters – An unforgettable conversation with the memory clinic team’ on Thursday 31 March at 3.00pm.

Dr Edward Wilson-Lee, 1596 Foundation Fellow and Director of Studies in English, will be participating in the session, ‘Hidden Histories: Why we need more stories and a broader perspective’.  Edward will join other speakers from the University to discuss the growing appetite, despite resistance, for the humanities to present a less exclusive, less partial outlook on the world.  What are the obstacles and what is the role of academics and artists in changing the way we view the past and the present?

Explore the Cambridge Festival website to look at these sessions in more detail and to discover the full programme of events.

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