Professor Julian Gough, Sidney alumnus and a group leader at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB), has been named as the 'Cambridge Enterprise Academic Entrepreneur of the year' in the 2020 Business Weekly Awards.

Julian has been recognised for his work with Mogrify®, a company that he co-founded while at the University of Bristol with the aim to apply his research on cell reprogramming to the development of cellular therapies.

I am both grateful and excited about the award. I feel so privileged that the fundamental science that I do at the LMB has a clear path to clinical translation.” Julian Gough

Professor Julian Gough

Julian’s group’s research spans all scales of biology, from the level of DNA, proteins, and individual interactions through to whole organism characteristics and phenotypes, with the aim to combine these levels of understanding into development of innovative technologies. One application of this is in the field of regenerative medicine through prediction of factors that drive cellular reprogramming from one type of cell to another.

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