Jen Durrant, a former Geography student at Sidney, spoke to the University Careers Service to discuss her career journey since graduating.

The Social Impact Careers Blog - run by the University Careers Centre - brings together stories from Cambridge students and alumni whose work creates a positive effect or influence on society. This includes roles in non-profit organisations that are committed to improving lives across the world, or jobs in private sector companies that make valuable contributions to the local community - and many other options in between.

Jen graduated from Sidney in 2014, and spent two years volunteering, travelling, and working in short-term jobs, before landing in the not-for-profit sector.

When asked how Jen developed the skills she needed to work in the charities sector while studying, she noted, "One of the key things the Careers Service showed me is that all experience is worthwhile. I gained a huge amount from volunteering – not only is it immensely rewarding in itself, it’s also a great way to gain new skills and learn about important issues."

The Cambridge University Careers Service organise sessions to help inform and inspire students about the range of career opportunities available to them after graduating from Cambridge.

Jen commented that she found the individual careers appointments helpful for talking through the possibilities, and Jen noted how the CV workshop definitely opened doors for her. She also enjoyed listening to panel discussion podcasts available on the Careers Service website.

Jen went on to work for the charity Zacchaeus 2000 Trust, and now works for the anti-poverty charity Toynbee Hall in the East End of London, as a Financial Health Research Manager.

You can read Jen's full interview on the University's Social Impact Careers Blog.

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