The close of the Easter Term saw seven Sidney VIIIs competing in the May Bumps, with all crews either improving position over the week or remaining level and including some record-breaking performances.

The most significant imrpovement was from the Women's 3rd VIII, who went into the final day of races chasing their blades having bumped on each previous day (including an overbump). However, a very rare double overbump against Queen's III went beyond all expectations and resulted in the crew moving up 11 paces over the week - a record for any Sidney crew since the separation of the Lent and May Bumps in 1887 (the previous record of 8 being held jointly by the 2nd Men from 1948 and the 3rd Men from 1993).

The Women's 1st VIII, rowing in the new boat, 'Mark Wainwright', went up two places over the week, following their success in gaining Blades in the Lent Bumps earlier in the year, while the womens' 2nd VIII just missed out on blades in moving up three places.

In the Men's boats, the 1st VIII held their position in Division 2 and the 2nd VIII finished at the head of Division 5, while the Men's 3rd and 4th boats each went up two places over the week.

Overall, the Club made a net gain of 20 places, accummulating more Mitchell Cup points than any other eligible college and finishing 5th for the year overall. In the Pegasus Cup, which is based only on the results from the May Bumps, the Club finished 3rd, beaten only by Hughes Hall and Clare Hall.

The Bumps marked the end of a highly successful year for the Club, which has seen a large increase in participation as well as a significant investment in facilities, partly thanks to donations from Alumni, and has resulted in success in many races through the year, including tropheys on the way. The Club is looking forward to having to get a new Trophey Cabinet for next year!

This is an archived news story, first posted in 2009.

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