Media outlets discuss Trump and American politics in 2019 with Professor Gary Gerstle, Sidney Fellow and Paul Mellon Professor of American History.

Gary's book, 'American Crucible', provides a sweeping history of twentieth-century America to mark the changing, and often conflicting, ideas surrounding the fundamental nature of American society. The book explores how the forces of civic and racial nationalism have profoundly shaped society, and helps us to understand what is happening in America in the Trump era, and what the prospects are for U.S. democracy beyond Trump's presidency. 

Greg Sargent, a Washington Post journalist, garnered a sense of the two clashing nationalist traditions in 'American Crucible', and subsequently interviewed Gary to investigate the prospects for American renewal after Trump. The podcast of the interview and the full article can be found on the Washington Post website.  

Gary has recently featured in David Runciman's weekly 'Talking Politics' podcast, alongside Helen Thompson, Professor of Political Economy at the University of Cambridge, to talk more about Trump and American politics in 2019. Gary regularly joins the podcast as the resident expert on American politics, while Sidney Fellow Professor Kenneth Armstrong often features to talk about Brexit. 

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