On Sunday 28 June over 10,000 Cambridge students, staff and alumni tuned in to watch what will be remembered as the first ever virtual May Ball!

It was amazing to see the Cambridge community came together to create a celebration of May Week like no other, despite our distance, and to support two incredibly important causes. The 4.5 hours of music, comedy, Cambridge heroes and more was made possible by contributions from over 515 students, staff and alumni, many of whom were from Sidney.

The Event was a great success and has helped to raise over £7000 so far – a huge thank you to everyone who donated! There is still time to donate and find out more information about the two causes the May Week Mega Event is supporting (Cambridge Centre for the Study of Existential Risk and the Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust).

On behalf of MWA - May Week AlternativeCambridge Rag, and the May Ball Presidents' Committee, we want to thank everyone who tuned in on the night. Whether you were watching, performing, or donating, we hope you enjoyed the Event and we truly couldn't have done it without you.

In case anyone missed it, or wants to relive it, here's the finale again, featuring over 70 staff, students, and local businesses coming together to sing "Lean On Me" in a celebration of our truly amazing Cambridge community. See if you can spot a few Sidney faces!

Written by Robbie Blythe

Sidney undergraduate and May Week Mega Event Committee Member

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