The College is excited to introduce Ms Phillipa Carter, Dr Camille Scalliet and Dr Harriet Groom as Sidney’s new Research Fellows. Dr Gerry Crossan also joins as a Fellow in Natural Sciences. Welcome to the community!

Harriet’s passion for molecular virology first began when she was an undergraduate here at Cambridge. After completing her PhD in the Department of Medicine and after helping disprove the reported novel retrovirus XMRV’s link to human infection and disease at the National Institute of Medical Research (now Francis Crick Institute) in London, Harriet moved back to Cambridge as a Henslow Research Fellow at Downing College and an Associate Principal Investigator in the Department of Medicine. Harriet continued her work on cellular inhibitors of HIV, and will continue to unpick how the intricate interactions between cells and viruses during infection can dictate host response and help us understand normal cell behaviour using retroviruses, herpesviruses and coronaviruses as model systems.

Harriet recently participated in Pint of Science to discuss how different aspects of our immune system (which usually protects us from infection) work in different conditions.

You can find out more about Sidney’s newest members on the People pages of our website. Welcome all!

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