The College is excited to welcome Sidney's newest Fellows to Sidney this year, with some familiar faces among them. Welcome to the community!

Sidney's newest Fellows

Dr Gerry Crossan joins as a Fellow in Natural Sciences. Gerry is currently a programme leader at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology where his group focuses on understanding how genetic information is faithfully passed from one generation to the next.

Dr Rohan Ranasinghe, a familiar face at Sidney, is now a Fellow in Chemistry having been a College Teaching Associate and Director of Studies at Sidney since 2015, and Bye-Fellow since 2018.

Dr Noga Ganany, a cultural historian of China, is now a Fellow in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at Sidney.

Meet the Research Fellows

Philippa Carter, Dr Camille Scalliet and Dr Harriet Groom join as Sidney’s newest Research Fellows.

Dr Camille Scalliet joins as the Ramon Jenkins Research Fellow. Camille was awarded a L’Oréal-UNESCO for Women in Science Fellowship in 2018 and is currently a Herchel Smith Fellow in the department of theoretical physics and applied mathematics. Her long-term goal is to describe the physical behaviour of dense active materials, of which biofilms or cell tissues are examples.

Philippa Carter is Sidney’s David Thomson Research Fellow. Philippa is a historian of early modern thought and culture. Her research centres on the intersections between medicine, religion, and natural philosophy in Europe, c. 1400-1650.

Dr Harriet Groom is Sidney’s Stanley Elmore Research Fellow. Harriet’s passion for molecular virology first began when she was an undergraduate here at Cambridge. Throughout her academic career so far Dr Harriet Groom has worked on cellular inhibitors of HIV, and will continue to unpick how the intricate interactions between cells and viruses during infection can dictate host response and help us understand normal cell behaviour using retroviruses, herpesviruses and coronaviruses as model systems.

Harriet recently participated in Pint of Science to discuss how different aspects of our immune system (which usually protects us from infection) work in different conditions.

You can find out more about Sidney’s newest members on the People pages of our website. Welcome all!

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