This term has seen the introduction of a new College seminar series exploring great texts and ideas. 

The series is the idea of Fellows in English Edward Wilson-Lee and Clive Wilmer. This term there are five lectures which were open to students, staff, and Fellows. 50 spaces were made available for each of the seminars, which are followed by formal hall, 40 for students and 10 for staff and Fellows. The student allocation was taken up within 48 hours of being released.

Additional copies of the texts have been purchased for the College library with the expectation that people attending will have familiarised themselves with the texts. The texts are then introduced by guest speakers. 

On Monday 23rd January Professor Adrian Poole of the Department of English introduced Homer’s The Iliad and The Odyssey. Forthcoming speakers include Edward Wilson-Lee on The Bible, Clive Wilmer on Dante’s Divine Comedy, and Dr Patricia Fara and Dr Tim Lewens from the Department of History and Philosophy of Science on Newton’s Principia and Darwin’s On the Origin of Species respectively.

The lectures are being recorded and it is hoped that they will be released as podcasts shortly after the series ends.

This is an archived news story, first posted in 2012.

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