Sidney postgraduate Rob Newby and the rest of the Cambridge men’s cricket team notched a win at the One-Day Varsity match. Rob is here to give us the details on how the match played out.

Thanks for joining us Rob! When did you play the one-day cricket match against Oxford, and how did Cambridge get on?

The match took place on Sunday 23 May at Lord's. The game was scheduled as a 50 over match but was reduced to 29 overs per side due to rain. 

Oxford batted first and set us 215 to win. For most of the run chase it looked like we'd end up slightly short, but Aaran Amin from Emmanual College played one of the memorable varsity innings and got us over the line in the final over.

With Cambridge having not won at Lord's for quite a few years, the team was understandably ecstatic, and made for a memorable day out for all involved.

Well done to you and the rest of the team! When did you first start playing cricket, and how did it feel to return to the sport after such a long break away from it?

I come from a family of sport enthusiasts so had a bat and ball in hand almost as soon as I could walk. Returning after a couple of years out of the game has been a real bonus of my time in Cambridge. A lot of the enjoyment from a game like cricket is just being out in the sun having fun with your mates, which is even more of a blessing during Covid times.

What’s next for the Cambridge cricket team?

There's still a fair bit of cricket left in the 2021 season, which culminates with the 4-day Oxford Cambridge match in early July. Looking beyond that, the side has some really talented younger players who I'm sure will go from strength to strength in the coming seasons. 

Sidney postgraduate Rob Newby at the One-Day Varsity match.

Sidney postgraduate Rob Newby at the One-Day Varsity match.

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