The University of Cambridge has recently launched 'Beyond the pandemic' – a series of evidence-based opinion articles by researchers across the University.

Each article will include a series of recommendations for how we might build a fairer, healthier, more sustainable and resilient world.

In an introduction to the series, Professor Andy Neely, Sidney Fellow and Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Enterprise and Business Relations, asks whether this is a moment of change, a time to reimagine the future for our society, our health and our climate. He touches on the major efforts of colleagues over recent months to respond to the pandemic, and the recovery of an extraordinary university for extraordinary times.

“As the effects of the pandemic become a lived reality, it is timely to demonstrate how Cambridge can help shape what happens next.” Professor Andy Neely

The series' first article, by zoologists Professor Bill Sutherland and Dr Silviu Petrovan, offers recommendations on how to reduce the risk of a similar pandemic happening again by dramatically changing the way we interact with animals.

Future articles will explore topics relating to public health, climate, education, inequality, innovation, manufacturing, economics, food, the environment and more. In each, we will be asking: what do we now know and where should we go from here?

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