Technology giant has recently acquired lighting technology specialist Geomerics

Geomerics was founded in 2006 by Sidney Fellow Dr Chris Doran with the aim of finding commercial applications for research in Physics and Engineering.

The company worked on developing real-world lighting effects in computer games, and saw its technology taken up by computing giant Electronic Arts in its runaway success Battlefield 3, which became the fastest selling game in the company's history. The technology has also featured in over 40 games including a number of titles for the new PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

As Chris Doran - who is also a former Sidney undergraduate (1986) - explains, ARM has acquired Geomerics to apply the company's technical skills to mobile technology:

"With lighting technologies developed by Geomerics, graphics artists can achieve truly realistic global illumination and other advanced lighting features in real time across multiple platforms today. This combination of ARM and Geomerics accelerates the realization of our vision to bring next generation console graphics to mobile devices."

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