Graduate Seminar

The first Graduate Seminar of the academic year will be on Thursday 1st November.

The seminar will take place between 6 and 7pm in the Mong Hall. Graduate students Steve Casey and Zoe Petkanas will be presenting their research:

Steve Casey: "All the types of straight line..."

In this talk, I will review the well known metrisability problem of Roger Liouville which essentially asks: "Given a set of curves, under what conditions do they represent the shortest distance between points?" I will describe the notion of a metric which allows us to measure the length of curves and demonstrate how the geodesics are constructed. I will also comment on some recent developments on solving this problem as well as my own contribution and illustrate with examples. Finally, I will look at some applications of these ideas to general relativity.

Zoe Petkanas: "From Visible to Invisible: Tunisia's Gendered Democracy Paradox"

This presentation argues that secular Tunisian women faced a unique setof challenges to accessing formal political power since 2011, indicating a disconnect between the dominant image of Tunisia and the reality of the post-revolutionary state and society. It examines secular women's invisibility in formal politics, in sharp contrast to their visibility both historically and in the uprisings, by deconstructing the nuanced ways in which access to full citizenship rights is differentiated by gender and other identity markers. In doing so, this article situates Tunisian secular women in the contemporary political scene, revealing the ways in which power has reconsolidated in the vanguard state of the Arab Spring.

All are welcome.

For more information about the seminars please contact the MCR President William Menz.

  • Mong Hall
  • Mong Hall

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