Who's Who

Pastoral Dean The Revd Paul Brice pastoral.dean@sid.cam.ac.uk
Director of Music Dr David Skinner director.music@sid.cam.ac.uk
Sr Organ Scholar Rachel Howarth sr-organ-scholar@sid.cam.ac.uk
Verger Derek Cowling porters@sid.cam.ac.uk
Senior Chapel Warden Philip Hitchings prh39@cam.ac.uk
Chapel Secretary Celia Summerlin cs779@cam.ac.uk
CU Reps Flo Chaffey fec27@cam.ac.uk
Matt Ashford ma579@cam.ac.uk
RC Rep Camille Lardy cmhl2@cam.ac.uk

Religion in Cambridge

If you wish to find contacts for other faiths, I would be pleased to put you in touch with those I know, if you haven't found their own web page. The following link might be of interest. click here

Paul, Pastoral Dean.