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Welcome to Sidney Sussex

Sidney Sussex College was founded on St. Valentine's Day in 1596 by legacy of Lady Frances Sidney, Countess of Sussex. The College is located in the historic heart of Cambridge, and its beautiful buildings and gardens are home to a dynamic and diverse academic community. Our students, Fellows and staff come from all backgrounds and all over the world, drawn by the University of Cambridge's world-class reputation and Sidney Sussex's commitment to excellence in teaching and research.

Sidney and the Great War

Project begins exploring the College and its members during World War One.

To mark the centenary of the Great War we are developing an online portrait of the College between 1914 and 1918.  Over the centenary years of the conflict, we hope to find out more about the ways that members contributed to and were affected by the War, and explain more about how the College was profoundly changed by those events.

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The College War Memorial

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Latest News

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25 January 2016

Mitigating the environmental impacts of concrete

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19 January 2016

Update on latest building project.

Liberty and Coercion: The paradox of American government

18 December 2015

Praise for Professor Gary Gerstle’s new book.

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