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Additional Financial Support

University Bursaries, Public Awards and Grants

The details of public financial support schemes vary between the constituent parts of the United Kingdom, you will also want to consult the relevant government website: DirectGov Education and Learning (England), Student Finance Wales, Student Awards Agency (Scotland), and Student Finance Northern Ireland.

The core funding provided by the Tuition Fee Loan and Student Maintenance Loan is buttressed by a number of additional financial mechanisms, which can provide additional income to students from low income families, or whose financial circumstances have worsened unpredictably.  Several major schemes are available to all Cambridge undergraduate students:

  • Cambridge Bursaries;
  • Access to Learning Fund Awards;
  • Bell, Abbot and Barnes Funds.   These funds provide aid to undergraduate students in financial difficulties. The full regulations governing their use may be found in the University's Statutes and Ordinances, as amended from time to time.  Note that the Application Forms for the Funds are only available through the Tutorial and Student Finance Manager, and should be filled in by your Tutor;
  • The Crane Charity.  The Crane's Charity is the principal medical charity in the University. It exists to provide financial assistance to members of the University who are in residence and need treatment for physical or mental illness, or for injuries resulting from accidents, provided that the treatment cannot conveniently be obtained under the National Health Service. Awards are not normally made for ordinary dental treatment or spectacles or for treatment which has already taken place. The charity will not accept applications for assistance with the cost of dyslexia assessment. Such applications should be made to the Access to Learning Fund via Tutors.  Applications must be made by Tutors on behalf of students and will need to be supported by adequate and appropriate medical evidence.
  • Supporting Mature Students
  • Cambridge University Funding Schemes for new and existing students.  Cambridge University offers many funding opportunities internally and attracts significant resources from external sources. These pages are intended to help you begin your search for funding for your course.


You can find out more about the value and eligibility criteria for all financial support schemes maintained by the University at


College Access Bursaries and Grants

Additionally, Sidney – through the generosity of alumni and benefactors of the College – is able to provide a number of substantial income-related bursaries, fitting within into the wider public and University framework described above.

Our current undergraduate bursaries, which are typically of £1000 p.a., are as follows:     

  • Simon and Jill Campbell Bursaries: for state-educated students in Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  • Peter Ellis Bursaries: for students from parts of south Staffordshire and south Derbyshire
  • Osborn Bursaries: for students in any subject, but especially those in Arts and Social Sciences
  • Mike Styles Bursaries: for students from Merseyside


College Welfare Funds

The College's Student Welfare Fund, administered by the Tutors, provides financial assistance for students whose financial situation has become difficult because of changes in their personal or family circumstances.  When the difficulty is purely temporary, the Tutorial and Student Finance Manager, Mr David Graves (, Tel. +44 1223 7 60972) will be able to offer advice as well as agreeing a rescheduling of your College Bill. When the financial problem cannot be solved in this way, assistance will also be provided in helping you to prepare an application to the Student Welfare Fund.  The Welfare Fund can provide discretionary grants, typically ranging from re-imbursement of incidental expenses incurred through illness, to partial rent rebates, to larger grants of several hundred pounds.

In exploring possible options, it will be helpful to have the information in the form below at hand when you meet with the Tutorial and Student Finance Manager.  Please attempt to fill in this form with the best combination of actual figures (e.g. your student loan for the year, current bank balance etc.) and guesstimates (e.g. food expenditure): in some cases you may find it easier to think of a typical week, and then multiply the relevant amount by the 30 weeks of the standard residence period.  Once you have done so, please submit it to the Tutorial and Student Finance Manager (cc. and your Tutor) and ask to meet with him to discuss the situation.

[Student Welfare Fund form]


Overseas and EU undergraduates 

The Cambridge Trusts offer scholarships and part-cost bursaries to overseas and EU students who have been accepted for admission at the University of Cambridge. Since there are many more applicants than there are awards available, candidates should apply for every other form of financial assistance open to them, including UK Government awards, Cambridge College awards and awards from sources in their home countries.