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These pages cover all aspects of your financial situation as a student: some simple principles of money management and budgeting, an overview of the costs, sources of core and additional funding including welfare funds, and other sources of finance such as grants, awards and prizes.

All routine financial enquiries should be addressed to the Tutorial and Student Finance Manager, Mr David Graves (, Tel. +44 1223 7 60972), and your Tutor will be available at Surgery to advise you on more complex queries, and to help you apply for grants, awards and prizes, and support from the Welfare Funds.


This section covers the costs of studying at Cambridge, including the Tuition Fee, College Fee and College Bill, and advice on budgeting for University.

Information about University and College Bursaries and Grants, the College Welfare Funds, and support for overseas and EU undergraduates.

Information about Awards and Prizes including College Travel Awards and Blues and Half-Blues.