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Pastoral and Tutorial Team

The Tutors and the Pastoral Team


Tutorial and pastoral support underpin student welfare, in the widest sense. Individual Colleges may involve a variety of individuals, e.g. Tutors (who are generally Fellows of the College, and may have separate academic responsibilities within the College and the University), nurses or chaplains. However it is delivered, tutorial provision is an essential component of collegiate life.

Typically, a Tutor has a wide variety of responsibilities which may be grouped together under the three headings below. Because their role is to provide all-round support and guidance to the individuals in their care, it would not be feasible to provide an exhaustive list of their responsibilities. However, listed below are some of the regular ways in which Tutors, together with Tutorial Office Staff, Directors of Studies, nurses and chaplains, fulfil their role. Clearly, some of these functions entail strict confidentiality.


1. Pastoral

Induction (Introducing and welcoming freshers to Cambridge and College life; ongoing social contact for College-based talks, workshops and/or parties; personal contact/support - a friendly face)

Personal well-being (Personal Development; Contact for all health matters and problems; Link with GP, hospitals, counsellors; Assistance with special needs and disabilities (advice, practical support); Help in developing transferable skills

Accommodation (provision of advice and support)


2. Administrative/Financial

Advice on identifying and obtaining financial assistance

Liaison with other bodies (external: e.g. Local Education Authorities, Student Loans Company, graduate funding bodies etc; Internal e.g. Departments, Central Administration, Board of Graduate Studies, sources of funding and applications)

Examinations (Registration, Special Conditions, complaints/appeals, change of course, degrading/Intermission)


3. Academic

Admissions process (participation in)

Academic oversight (review of progress, advice on study methods, and support in the event of difficulties with courses or teachers)

Careers advice and provision of references

Liaison between student and supervisor/Director of Studies/Department


Senior Tutor - Mr Max Beber Room B03; Tel. +44 1223 3 38870

Chaplain - The Rev'd Dr Brett Gray Room Y01; Tel. +44 1223 3 38837

Nurse - Mrs Jenny Taylor Room P07; Tel. +44 1223 3 38826

The Tutors

Mr Mares

Mr Henry Mares

Director of Studies in Law
College Room: H4 Chapel Court
College Tel: +44 1223 3 38863
Web: Department
Dr Noriega-Sanchez

Dr Maria Noriega-Sanchez

Director of Studies in Modern and Medieval Languages and History and Modern Languages
College Room: C04
College Tel: +44 1223 3 39522
Dept. Tel: +44 1223 7 60804
Web: Department
Dr Roberts

Dr Colin A Roberts

Secretary to the Research Fellowship Competition
Director of Studies in Veterinary Medicine
College Room: H13b
College Tel: +44 1223 7 68018