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Illness on the day of the exam: If you are ill on the day of the exam and can prove that you have not seen the exam paper or had contact with someone who has sat the exam, then College may be able to arrange for you to re-sit the paper. Tell the Nurse and your Tutor that you are ill and cannot go to the exam. You should try to remain calm and remember that College staff are used to dealing with difficulties in exam time.

Any arrangements will depend on the nature and severity of your condition, but every effort will be made to enable you to take or complete your exams.  The College may (after consulting with the University’s Student Registry) be able to isolate you so that you can sit your examination as soon as you are well again. If however you do not recover in good time and are unable to sit any or all of your exams, the College may make an application on your behalf to the Applications Committee. The possible outcomes of such an application are set out below under ‘After the Exams’.

Illness in the exam: If you are ill during an exam, you must alert an Invigilator, and certainly must not leave the exam hall without informing an Invigilator that you are ill. The Invigilator may be able to arrange for you to continue the examination when you feel better.