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Exam Practice, Quiet Study and Group Revision


Throughout the Easter Term, the Mong Hall, Knox-Shaw Room, Sidney bar and sundry teaching rooms become available to students as additional study spaces, thus helping relieve pressure on the College Library and providing suitable environments for different types of revision. Posters showing the availability of various venues are displayed around college, and you can also download the timetable for the entire term as a PDF.  

AVAILABILITY: the JCR Bar, Knox Shaw, and Mong will display weekly timetables, showing any restrictions to each room’s normal availability: our aim is to limit any extraneous bookings as much as possible, so that you can be confident of finding the rooms available to you on the regular pattern above.

MONG HALL: everybody’s co-operation will ensure that the morning restriction on the use of the Mong is respected, so that everybody has the opportunity of practicing whole papers or sections of papers under relatively realistic exams conditions: so no laptops, no talking, no walking in and out, and if you only intend to sit part of an exam please sit at the back so as not to disturb your fellow students who are in it for the long haul.

TEACHING ROOMS: these could be an excellent additional facility as long as you make sure that you vacate them on time if asked to do so, and leave them in perfect condition. We could not continue to offer these rooms as group study spaces if supervisors (who are the main users) were to find their work hampered by other users.

Some events, which could not be re-located elsewhere, will still be held in these reserved locations: on such occasions, it will be necessary to clear the venue. The availability of each room through term will be advertised by notices pinned to the door of each room and in other locations across College.