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Emergencies and Safety Precautions

Emergency Contact Information:

Head Porter - Mr Colin Maxted
Tel. +44 1223 7 60971

The Lodge also provides access to the Duty Tutor.

Chaplain - The Rev'd Dr Brett Gray
Tel. +44 1223 3 38837

Cambridge Police Station Contact details

Medical and other cases of emergency should be reported to the Porters. However, at times when the Porters are unavailable, or in emergencies of a more personal nature where a student might not wish to have the Porters involved, students should try to contact their Tutor, the Duty Tutor, or the Chaplain. If necessary, students should contact the emergency services first and then inform the Porters as soon as possible afterwards.

If you have been hospitalised following an emergency, let the Porters know, not least so that your Tutor, Directors of Studies and supervisors can be kept informed. Students should also inform the Porters when they return into residence after a stay in hospital or elsewhere - for fire safety reasons, the College would need to know that you are back, and your Tutor would prefer to avoid an unnecessary visit to the hospital if you are no longer there!

City Wise!

You should not be overly alarmed - the likelihood of incidents happening to you is very low. It is, however, important to follow a few simple safety precautions appropriate for living in a relatively big city, particularly when moving around town at night. Please consider:

  • If possible, travelling in pairs or groups.
  • Keeping to main routes where other people are present.
  • Avoiding deserted or ill-lit areas.
  • Avoiding arguments with strangers.
  • Carrying a personal alarm

Please also see the CUSU Safety and Welfare for further advice and contact details.

Porters' - Sanctuary

Head Porters have agreed that during open hours their Lodges can be used as a sanctuary should an individual feel threatened or unsafe, this essentially provides dozens of safe-points across the city.

Report any incidents asap to a Porters’ Lodge day or night. This can be any Lodge.