The Thornely Fund

John Thornely Fellowship Fund

Thanks in great part to the Founding Members of the Thornely Society, in 2007, the Thornely Society reached its first goal - to fully fund a Thornely Fellowship in Law at Sidney Sussex. Dr Jillaine Seymour is the first holder of the Thornely Fellowship.

John Thornely Bursaries in Law

As reported at the 2010 AGM of the Thornely Society, a second goal -- to raise sufficient funds for undergraduate bursaries in Law -- has now also been successfully met.  The fund can support a number of John Thornely Busaries each year – something which will become more in demand with the start of the 2012/13 academic year when UK/EU undergraduates will be paying tuition fees of £9,000 p.a.

Alla Barford

Alla Barford (matriculation 2008; graduation 2011) was the first holder of a John Thornely Bursary and reports:

‘Sidney Sussex College proved very supportive during the three years of my undergraduate degree. In particular, when I realised that I may need to work during term time and the vast majority of holidays, instead of focusing on my studies, the College’s Thornely Society awarded me their annual Bursary. The reality of the matter is that financial worries can have a detrimental effect on anyone’s ability to concentrate fully on their university work, and not having that pressure meant that I had a great weight lifted off my mind. This meant that I was able to fully dedicate myself to my studies, as well as to everything else that the university had to offer, rather than squeezing in part-time work at every spare hour.

But the award was not only a financial help. It was an indication that the College fellows believed that I was capable of achieving a good grade – this alone is great moral boost when you come from an ‘unconventional’ Oxbridge background. I was very fortunate in being chosen as a beneficiary and sincerely believe that the award made a real difference: not only to my final results, but to my university experience.

Having graduated several months ago, I now live in London and work as a consultant in Mayfair. I plan to travel before embarking on a career as a solicitor. I very much hope that the Thornely Bursary will support other students in a great variety of ways, and allow them to make the most of university and College life for the three short years that add up to the Cambridge University law degree,’

Thornely General Student Support Fund

The Thornely Society supports a wide range of awards for Law students in addition to bursaries - from grants and prizes through to travel awards and support for further professional work.

Future goals

In future, Sidney Sussex hopes to attract support for a Thornely Law Teaching Fund, which will help the College meet the teaching and student support challenges of the future. 

The Master and Fellows are very grateful to all those who have contributed to the Thornely Fellowship and Bursaries, and to other aspects of Law teaching at Sidney for all that they have done to strengthen and promote the College. For further information on supporting law at Sidney, click here.