The College produces two publications for the College community, Pheon and the College Annual.  


Pheon is the newsletter for alumni and friends of Sidney Sussex College.  It is published twice a year by the Development and Membership Office and reports on current events within College including fundraising news, and contains features and articles related to College life.
  • 2014 - Winter (34), Summer (33)
  • 2013 - Winter (32), Summer (31)
  • 2012 - Winter (30), Summer (29)
  • 2011 - Autumn-Winter (28), Spring-Summer (27)
  • 2010 - Summer (26)
  • Archive (Issues 1 (1994) through Issue 26 (2010))

    Sidney Sussex College Annual

    The Annual is published once a year, usually coinciding with the start of a new academic year, and is a more formal record of the past year at Sidney.

  • Sidney Sussex College - Annual 2013
  • Sidney Sussex College - Annual 2012
  • Sidney Sussex College - Annual 2011
  • Sidney Sussex College - Annual 2010
  • If you have any news that you would like us to report in future editions of Pheon or the College Annual please contact us.

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