Theology and Religious Studies at Sidney


Theology and Religious Studies asks basic questions about human existence and explores questions of meaning, truth and practice in relation to world religions. It involves the study of scriptures; particular periods of human civilisation; the writings of great thinkers like Aquinas, Luther, Marx, Durkheim and Freud; and reflects on the latest scientific theories.

Although strong in Christian theology (biblical studies and church history), you can either concentrate on Christianity or incorporate a range of religious traditions. It caters for numerous interests – biblical, historical, philosophical and comparative, as well as a mixture of any or all of these. You don't have to be religious to study this degree: our students belong to all religious traditions and none.

Theology at Sidney

Sidney's current external Director of Studies is The Revd Dr Philip Hobday, who is a Fellow and Director of Studies at Magdalene College.

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More information is available on the university's admissions website and the Faculty of Divinity's website.

Typical Intake

1 - 3

Entry Requirements

No specific A-levels required. Subjects such as Religious Studies, History, English and modern languages can be helpful, but so can any subjects that encourage clear, logical thinking and careful analysis of evidence. Students with a completely science background study Theology and Religious Studies and do very well.

Admissions Process

Written work

Two essays (at least one on a theological or philosophical subject).

Admissions tests



Three interviews with a focus on Theology. The third interview will take place in another College and is part of the Faculty of Divinity's interview structure, in which applicants are seen by more than one College.

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